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About Frank Noe

Pioneering Excellence


Our Vision

To be distinguished regionally as the foremost provider and supplier of high-quality plastic parts and packaging for Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Cosmetic industries.

Our Mission

At Frank Noe, we abide by the highest standards to work as interconnected teams within a team, while keeping our clients our utmost priority throughout all operations to offer them top-of-the-line quality and innovations in the industry of plastic parts.
Why frank noe

Why Opt for Our Services ?

At Frank Noe Egypt Ltd., we specialise in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke products, in order to meet our customers’ most exacting requirements. Attention to detail and personal service are paramount, and we thrive on producing a solution to the most demanding packaging challenge – our fine reputation in the business is testament to our experience and exceptional customer service. Today, Frank Noe Egypt Ltd. offers an extensive range of fine plastic parts for prestigious pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and engineering industries around Egypt.